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Formed in the Fine arts in Belgium and in Interior Design at the school Boulle, I exercice my decorator's job for 18 years.

You will find an overview of my work in film industry, and interior design.
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Feature Film

Props Buyer

on "Belle et Sébastien 2"

Production Designer: Sébastian Birchler

Director: Christian Duguay

Art Director

on "Je ne suis pas un salaud"

Director: Emmanuel Finkiel

SFPX Production Buyer

on "Dunkirk"

Director: Christopher Nolan

First Assistant Art Director

on "Casals la força d'un silenci"

Production Designer: William Abello

Director: Manuel Huerga

Props Buyer

on "Jacky au royaume des filles"

Production Designer: Alain Guffroy

Director: Riad Sattouf

Props Buyer

on "Des vents contraires"

Production Designer: Alain Guffroy

Director: Jalil Lespert

Set Decorator

on "Captifs"

Production Designer: Philippe Van Herwijnen

Director: Yann Gozlan

Props Buyer

on "Copacabana"

Production Designer: Michel Barthélémy

Director: Marc Fitoussi

1rst Assistant Greenmaster

on "The Vintner’s luck"

Production Designer: Grant Major

Director: Niki Caro

Set Decorator

on "Hidden diary"

Production Designer: Philippe Van Herwijnen

Director: Julie Lopes-Curval

Props Buyer

on "Am Stram Gram"

Production Designer: Jimmy Vansteenkiste

Director: Stephane Kappes

Short Film & Advertising

Set Decorator

on "DFacto"

Director: Clément Brewer


on "Magic Bed"

Director: Arié Elmaleh

Set Decorator

on "Un bébé tout neuf"

Director: Isabelle Czajka

Art Director

on "Hurry up"

Director: Camille De Chenay

Set Decorator

on "T'embrasser une dernière fois"

Director: Olivier Jahan

Personal projects

Illustrator - Writter

on "Le Monde du multicoque"

Director: Last Prao for Tesco

Interior Design

on "45 square meter apartment"

Interior Designer

on "185 square meter house - project proposal"

Interior Designer

on "Master suite - project proposal"

Author - Illustrator

on "Oracle the Tree of Life"

Director: Publisher Trédaniel

Illustrator - Writter

on "Revue du bout du monde"

Director: Article : The day I became Musher


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